Print any printable document to TIFF,BMP,JPG and PNG

With Batch DOC Converter you can easily print (convert) any printable document to image (TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG).

Step by Step Tutorial - Convert (Print) PDF to TIFF.

1. Open the PDF document.

open pdf document

2. Click Menu File->Print

3. Select "BDConvert" as printer at the popup "Print" Window

4. Click "Properties" button.

Type: specify the type of exported image. now the software support TIFF, JPEG, PNG and BMP.

Color: specify the colors of exported image. there are fiver options. TRUE colors (24bit), 256 colors (8 bit), 16 colors( 4bit) and B&W. For JPEG image, there are only two options: TRUE colors and 256 Gray levels.

Resolution: specify the resolution of exported image. there are four options: 600X600 ppi, 300X300 ppi, 296X192 ppi, 150x150 and 96X96 ppi. (ppi: pot per inch).

TIFF Compression: valid when convert DOC, PDF,HTML to TIFF image. specify the compression mode of export TIFF image. There are six options: Uncompressed, LZW, JPEG, PackBits, CCITT FAX3 (Group 3) and CCITT FAX4 (Group 4). CCITT FAX3 (Group 3) and CCITT FAX4 (Group 4) only valid for B&W TIFF and JPEG only valid for True Color TIFF.

Strip: valid for TIFF image. There are two options: single-strip and multi-strip. single-strip:encode entire image into one strip. multi-stip:encode image to multiple strip. some FAX software requires single-strip TIFF but multi-stip TIFF can get high comression riate.

Multi-Page: Valid for TIFF image. Make it marked to produce multi-page TIFF.

JPEG Quality:Valid for JPEG image and TIFF image which in JPEG compression mode.

Dither: Valid for B&W image.

Output to: The folder where the images will output to. You can cllick "Browse" button select a directory as output folder .

5. Click "OK" button return to "Print" Window.

6.Click "Print" button to start convert (Print) the PDF document to image (TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP).

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