Batch DOC Converter-Convert DOC,PDF, HTML to TIFF, JPEG, BMP AND PNG

Batch DOC Converter provide the simple and easiest way to convert Microsoft Word documents (*.doc, *.docx), Adobe PDF Files (*.pdf) and HTML web-pages files (.htm,.html) to image (TIFF,JPEG,PNG and BMP).

Batch DOC Converter allow the user to easily create high quality images (100-400 PPI*), It provides multiple options to help the user to control the type, quality, compression rate and color mode of the exported images.

Batch DOC Converter supports convert DOC, PDF, HTML to TIFF, JPEG, PNG and BMP.

How to convert DOC, DOCX, PDF to BMP, TIFF,JPG AND PNG

Print any printable document to TIFF,BMP,JPG and PNG

Batch DOC Converter is easy to use.

PDF to BMP Converter screenshot

Click Add button to open a browse window allow the user to select the files you want to converted and add the selected files to the list.
You can also simply drag-and-drop the files you want to converted to the list.

Click Remove button to remove selected files from the list.

Click Clear button to clear all files in the list.

PageSetup button allow you to set the page size of exported image. (only valid when converted HTML and HTM files).

Click Convert button to convert all files in the list to image.


Type: specify the type of exported image. now the software support TIFF, JPEG, PNG and BMP.

Color: specify the colors of exported image. there are fiver options. TRUE colors (24bit), 256 colors (8 bit), 16 colors( 4bit) and B&W. For JPEG image, there are only two options: TRUE colors and 256 Gray levels.

Resolution: specify the resolution of exported image. there are four options: 100X100 ppi, 200X200 ppi, 300X300 ppi and 400X400 ppi. (ppi: pot per inch).

TIFF Compression: valid when convert DOC, PDF,HTML to TIFF image. specify the compression mode of export TIFF image. There are six options: Uncompressed, LZW, JPEG, PackBits, CCITT FAX3 (Group 3) and CCITT FAX4 (Group 4). CCITT FAX3 (Group 3) and CCITT FAX4 (Group 4) only valid for B&W TIFF and JPEG only valid for True Color TIFF.

Strip: valid for TIFF image. There are two options: single-strip and multi-strip. single-strip:encode entire image into one strip. multi-stip:encode image to multiple strip. some FAX software requires single-strip TIFF but multi-stip TIFF can get high comression riate.

Multi-Page: Valid for TIFF image. Make it marked to produce multi-page TIFF.

JPEG Quality:Valid for JPEG image and TIFF image which in JPEG compression mode.

Dither: Valid for B&W image.

Export to : The folder where the images will export to . You can cllick to select the export folder.

File Name Template: The template of export bmp files, if you left it empty, the bmp file name will as same as oroginal PDF file name, "#" will replace with page numbers, for example: (we assume the file name of the PDF document is "test.pdf". if the template is "-###" , the export images will be named as test-001.bmp,test-002.bmp, if you change the template to "##", the export images will be named as test01.bmp,test02.bmp.

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