PDF to PNG Converter is a standalone win32 program that can convert PDF to PNG image directly and doesn't requires Adobe Acrobat and other library. it supports convert PDF to PNG image wih different dpi.


  • supports batch process mode, You can convert a hundred of PDF document at one time.
  • Fast speed .
  • supports English, French, German, Italian,chinese,Janpanese and other language PDF files.
  • supports CIDFont and Type1,Type 3,TrueType font and embedded fonts.
  • supports all Windows platforms, 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/VISTA/Windows 7.
  • supports export PNG image with 72-800 dpi.
  • supports PDF 1.7 (formerly only supported by Acrobat 7.0 and above).
  • supports run from command line.

How to convert PDF to PNG:


Add:Click Add button to open a browse windows to select PDF file and add the selected PDF files to the list, Click Add button, You will be prompt to select PDF files which you need to convert and then Add these files to the list.

Remove:Remove selected file from list.

Clear: Clear all files in the list( It don't delete the file, only remove it from the list).

Convert: Convert all files in the list into PNG

Convert Folder :Convert all PDF files that in the selected foder into PNG.

File Name Template: The template of export PNG files, if you left it empty, the PNG file name will as same as oroginal PDF file name, "#" will replace with page numbers, for example: (we assume the file name of the PDF document is "test.pdf". if the template is "-###" , the export images will be named as test-001.PNG,test-002.PNG, if you change the template to "##", the export images will be named as test01.PNG,test02.PNG.

Command Line Usage

Usage: PDFtoPNG [Option] < -i PDF File> [-o PNGFOLDER]


-i [input PDF file] : PDF File name,support wildcard character.
-o [output folder] : Generated PNG image output to
-r [resolution]  Set resolution in generated image
-f [first Page]  First page to convert
-t [rotate] Rotate the PNG image,1-90,2-180,3-270
-l [last Page]   Last page to convert
-?        Help


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