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PDF Text Converter is a win32 program that extract text from pdf files and don't requires Adobe Acrobat and other third-party library, it's really "solo" program.


  • PDF to TEXT Converter support batch process mode, You can convert a hundred of PDF document at one time.
  • Fast speed.
  • Exported text can keeps original page layout.
  • PDF to TEXT Converterr supports English, French, German, Italian and other languages.
  • Supports all Windows platforms, 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/VISTA/WINDOWS 7.
  • Batch convert PDF files to text files.
  • Auto align text columns in table.
  • Nice interface and Easy to use.
  • Support PDF 1.7

    I must say - I tested a lot of converters, yours was the
    only one that gave consistent, accurate layout results

    William Jones
    Federal Unit Professional Services

  • Support run from command line.
  • Support export text encoded with ANSI, Unicode and UTF-8.

Using PDF TEXT Converter:

Below is a screen shot of PDF Text Converter
There are six button on the form,

pdf text converter

Add: You can use Add to add PDF file to the list, Click Add button, You will be prompt to select PDF files which you need to convert to text and then Add these files to the list.

Remove: Remove selected file from list.

Clear: Clear all files in the list( It doesn't delete the file; only remove it from the list).

Convert: Convert all PDF files in the list into text

Command Line Usage:

PDF TEXT Converter support run from command line.

PTConverter<input PDF file> [output TXT file]
<input PDF file> : Open an existing PDF file to convert. (support wildcard character)
[output TXT file] : TEXT filename or export directory , the default is same filename of input PDF file.
[-f <page number>]: Specify the first page number.
[-l <page number>]: Specify the last page number.
[-d <column distance>] :Specify the column distance.
[-b <add page break>] :Add page break.
[-e <encoding>: Character encoding, 0: ANSI, 1: Unicode, 2: UTF-8

For Example:

PTConverter c:\PDFS\input.pdf
PTConverter c:\PDFS\input.pdf -f 1 -l 12
PTConverter c:\PDFS\input.pdf c:\text

PTConverter c:\PDFS\*.pdf c:\text

Please notice, if your input pdf's filename or output text's filename contain space(s), you must use quotation mark to include them.

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Price and Order:

Single User License
Server License
Site License  

Order by phone(fax)

If you want to order by phone(fax), please place your order online and select the payment by phone(fax) option at the top of the page where you enter your name and address details, you will then get instruction of the phone number to use.


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