TIFF Merge & TIFF Converter --Merge multiple TIFF image into one and Convert image to TIFF.


TIFF Merge & TIFF Converter is a Windows application that can convert image to TIFF and merge multiple TIFF image into one multipage TIFF. it support convert convert bmp,jpeg,pngm,pcx,tga to single page TIFF or multipage TIFF.


  • Merge single page and multi page TIFF image.
  • Convert bmp,jpeg,png,pcx,tga,gif,wmf to single page TIFF or produce a multipage TIFF.
  • Support multiple compression format like Packbit, JPEG, LZW, CCITT FAX3 (G3), CCITT FAX4(G4).
  • Fast and Easy to use.

TIFF Merge

How to convert image to TIFF:

Click "Add" button to add the image (TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP) files to the list. If you need to add all image files in a directory to the list, please click "Folder" button.

At the Options panel, you can set the options of the TIFF you want to get, such as compression method, colors, and strip. (Dither checkbox only valid when converting color image to B&W TIFF). Multi-Page checkbox: mark it if you want to get a multipage TIFF.

Click "Start" button to begin to convert (or merge) images to TIFF. You will be prompted to specify the output file name if you want the software to produce a multipage TIFF. Otherwise, you will be prompted to specify a directory where the TIFF image will be exported to it.


Merge TIFF | Convert image to TIFF is so easy, you only need to click your mouse button a few times.

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